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Here is some things my patients say about the services I offer and the way I work.

Raquel Engel

Dr. Gatteau is great! In the weeks leading up to my marathon, I had some pain in my foot and he helped me to work through the issue so that I could complete the race successfully. The treatment was a great balance of stretching, massage, and chiropractic care. I definitely recommend him!

Kathy Harward

Dr. Gatteau has helped me tremendously. Many others I have referred to him have raved to me about his care as well. He knows how to adjust and help the body heal. His approach creates healing very fast. He empowers the patient to do what it takes at home to finish the healing (like stretching!) He is incredibly accommodating about scheduling. He follows up with compassion and diligence. He inspires patients of all ages as I am 50 and my athletic teen daughters who ask for his help when their sports have taken a toll on the body are equally inspired by him. You can tell he loves his work and as a patient you feel his undivided attention to getting you healed.

Mason Biggi

Tyler is a friendly, welcoming and very caring Chiropractor that will take very good care of you!

Linda Stanley

Tyler is great! He is the most thorough chiropractor I have gone to. Very proactive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Melany Hill

Dr. Gatteau worked on my shoulder and neck. It had been pretty painful for a couple of months. Keeping me up at night. After 2 visits my shoulder and neck felt amazingly better! No more pain, tingling, and numbness!!

Jesse Elliott

Dr. Tyler Gatteau is a very knowledgeable and professional healer. He has such a great energy that really puts one at ease so that you can relax into the healing session. I recommend him for any of your physical needs from personal fitness & nutrition to chronic muscle and joint pain relief through massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy care. He will know what is right for you as he understands that everyone is different and may require different needs to be healed.

Sarah MacGregor

I can’t see anyone else after Dr. G. Normal Chiropractors will crack you take your money and send you on your way. But Dr. G actually cares and I noticed a difference after just one visit, not only on my back! I had a thumb injury for a few months and couldn’t write, one visit to Dr. G and I was cured. What I like best is you get a massage and a chiro visit in one, and also he is holistic which i value greatly! He might tell you this himself but its true: he really is a miracle worker.

Marsha Spencer

I have known Tyler for probably 15 years. He has added so much to our family’s life in the last 2 or 3 years. He is full of energy, helpful and a good friend when you need him. I think his energy spills out into everything he touches and it spills out on every one he comes into contact with. He is a good businessman and he will always be a success.

Sherry Timmons

Tyler treated my 16 year old daughter for multiple muscular pain of the neck and torso.My daughter was having symptoms of head aches and muscular discomfort. My daughter enjoyed working with Tyler and found it easy to communicate her physical problems. His multi-disciplinary approach was very complimentary to her recovery and in essence eliminated the need to see multiple providers.
I would recommend him to any age group.

Parnell Benally

I had never been to a Chiropractor before January of this year (2010), however, after visiting Dr. Gatteau I have been amazed by the help that chiropractic care is to my body. Dr. Gatteau, does not only “pop and crack” your neck and back, but he also works out the muscle knots causing the stress. In addition to the physical needs, Dr. Gatteau has also helped me with information to help me with Nutrition and overall body health.