Clinic Rates

On each patient we encounter, we combine Chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy modalities. These physical therapies help to loosen spastic muscles that are pullingĀ  joints out of alignment and thus causing a decrease in range of motion/function and an increase in pain/dis-ease.

These therapies include, but are not limited to different types of massage, heat/cold therapy, active and passive stretching techniques, and muscle strengthening. The patients are also all educated on needed home stretches and stabilizing muscle exercises to help in the process. With this effective combination, our patients are feeling better much faster and the work is more likely to hold longer.

We are far far more than just a 3 minute “Rack ‘Em, and crack ‘Em” establishment. If you have experienced a chiropractor who says you need thousands of dollars in care and visits multiple times a week for many weeks, it is likely not true. Or if they do a scan that looks bad, and they tell you that you need major care, it is likely, not accurate. Please come see me or another office for a second opinion. I have seen this type of chiropractic selling done for too long.

Although we do allow our patients to undergo monthly or bi-monthly maintenance care if they choose, our philosophy is simple… we do not push our patients to come back time after time after time. Rather, we discuss goals with each patient and we give our professional opinion on what needs to be done to reduce negative symptoms. No contracts, no pressure, just good old fashioned family style health care. We spend the needed time with each patient so that they can get well as fast as possible and switch over to maintenance care.

My rates are $120 for first your first appointment. This usually lasts about 45 minutes and includes starting the therapy. Any additional appointments you choose to come in for will be $80. These will last between 25-30 minutes usually. If you are using a credit cared there will be a processing fee added on because of Square Processing. Remember, our number of visits needed on average is only 5 over a 2 month period because we spend more time, combine more therapy and give more homework. You will most likely save hundreds to thousands from other places.

I do not bill health insurance, but am happy to give you insurance receipt and you can self submit. I can’t guarantee it will get covered, but according to many of my patients, they get something back. It all depends on your insurance. I do take auto insurance claims, just FYI.